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Doll Quilt Swap 12 (DQS12)

I was so excited to join this swap.  What fun!  I got a secret partner who a got to internet stalk to figure out her likes and dislikes.  Then I got to make her a quilt, knowing all the while that someone was doing the same for me.

My stalkee was Liz from oh sew liz.  From my stalking I discerned that she liked pink, circles, scrapiness, and that she had two sons.  Having a little man myself, I thought ths she would like something that was solely for her, something pink and girly and wonderful!  So that’s what I did.

DQS12 - <3

One of the rules for this round was that you had to use at least one of the following blocks: churn dash/shoofly, log cabin, drunkards pathN.Y. beauty, or flying geese.  I decided on the drunkard’s path since I have always been afraid of curves.  I thought it would be both a challenge, and yet not too much of a challenge.

I followed the tutorial available on The Sometimes Crafter, but of course, I didn’t EXACTLY follow the tutorial. Toward the bottom of the post she talks about an alternate method for pinning the curves, starting from the center and working out.  This, of course, stretches the fabric slightly when you’re sewing.  You still get perfectly shaped blocks, but you have to trim off the edge.  Somehow when I did this, I lost the little “lip” of straight edge where the blocks meet, so I ended up with 1/4 circles that went all the way to the 1/4 inch seam allowance.  Huh. I didn’t think anymore about it until I started sewing the blocks together and they weren’t looking quite how I had planned. What did appear was a big blue heart. How cute is that?

Marking the centersIn the tutorial on The Sometimes Crafter, she doesn’t really talk about how to find the center of the curves, so I thought I would take a picture of how I like to do this – after the pieces are cut out, I fold them in half and finger-press right at the edge that is to be sewed.  I folded the blue, or concave, piece so that the right side was in and the pink, or convex, piece so that the right side was out, this way I can not only match up the center, but they actually “fit” together.

I quilted the piece all over in pink thread and bound it in blue but didn’t take a picture because sometimes I just get a little excited and forget. Luckily, Liz took a picture when she received it, so here’s her shot:
DQS 12 Received!

In return for all of my work, I received this amazing quilt from Anita at Bloomin’ Workshop:

DQS 12 received from RhubarbPatch!

I adore the flying geese, I love that they are super scrappy and the giant ric rac is amazing. Just sayin’.

Baby’s first sewing project

Last night Caleb came out into the living room carrying one of his small chairs.
   M: Caleb, what are you doing?
   C: Mommy, I want to show you how much I love you!
   M: Ok…
   C: (climbing up on the chair and reaching as high as he can) I love you this much!
   M: Wow, that’s a lot! I love you too. How about we put the chair back now?
   C: I love you all the way to the moon and back!
   M: Well I love you all the way to the sun and back.
   C: Mommy, we can’t go to the sun because it’s too hot and we’ll get burned.

Baby's first sewing project.Caleb has been bugging me for a little while now to teach him to sew. On the surface, this is adorable, and oh golly gee, he wants to spend more time with Mommy! And wow, he wants to learn about what Mommy is doing! But when you really think about it, the 4-year-old kamikaze approach to life is not what I would call well-suited to the sewing room.

I’ve been working so hard on getting things ready for the Etsy store and other projects that I feel like I’ve been neglecting my mother/son bonding time. So this weekend I relented.

Our first project together was  this little stuffed felt heart.  I had to prop up the pedal so he could reach it.  Originally I thought he could sit on my lap and I could control the pedal, but I think getting to use the pedal was part of the appeal of sewing!  He had an amazing amount of control over the pedal, though.  You know, at age 4, those synapses are still building their neural pathways…when I said “stop” he would keep going for a few more stitches…but he never went fast enough that I got scared he would sew through his finger (One of my biggest fears in teaching a new person to sew).  And he seemed like he really, legitimately wanted to learn to sew, which is more than I can say for other people who have asked me for lessons.  I showed him how to leave a hole open on the edge and flip the heart inside out, how to stuff it and how to stitch it closed.

In hindsight I should have attached a little loop of ribbon to it and called it an ornament, but I didn’t.  It’s a little bit of a funny shape and so the 4-year-old boy that he is decided it was a boomerang!  He took it to school today so I’m sure to never see it again – hence the quickie cellphone picture.  At least I have something to treasure.  Of course, he was not happy about the picture either…