Monthly Archives: October 2008

Once more with feeling

Are you sick of this project yet? Ghosts of a Chance Artifact #3, The Con Artist’s Replica, has been posted to the Luce Foundation website. I enjoyed this one, particularly because I feel my idea may have contained a spark of genius.

Here’s the Prompt:

Create a replica of something you desire but know you cannot have.

An ordinary con man might substitute such a replica for its model, but your replica will be more real than the original object of desire; we invite you to be a con artist.

Is it a prop, or a partial representation? A functional stand-in that will, in time, yield its position to a more authentic desideratum? Or is this, rather, a copy indistinguishable from the original? Should such a perfect replica be celebrated or feared? Your replica may aspire to answer these questions. It is more likely to pose others.